Lash Growth and Conditioning serum

Ok, so something I didn’t expect from having my lashes done with the LVL is that they would get thicker. Obviously not quite literally from the actual treatment, but i will explain what I mean.

Its been nearly four weeks now since I have had my LVL treatment and therefore four weeks of not using Lash Curlers. I genuinely am gobsmacked about how many new lashes are starting to appear. You can tell because new lashes appear shorter at the root, this is where they are at the first stages of growth! Now I understand of course lashes have a growth cycle, so naturally I would start noticing new hairs, but this is uninterrupted growth because I am not messing around with them so much. I have always had reasonably long lashes but I suppose looking back on it… the amount of curling I do with my blinking lash curlers meant that they were never getting a break and were probably never getting to grow back to their full potential.

Alongside this as part of my LVL treatment I have started using the Lash Conditioning Serum.

I decided for myself, before I started promoting it with my business I would use it for a couple of weeks so I could 100% understand what it was I was promoting.

Nouveau lash serum coats and seals each lash locking in moisture. This helps ensure natural lashes look healthy and shiny. I use it twice a day, once in the morning as primer before my mascara, and once in the evening just before I go to sleep! It’s also nice just to brush through your lashes it you don’t want to use any mascara! Silky smooth.

The more I go through this journey of LVL lashes the more I really appreciate the small things it does for me. Just the general application of mascara is so much more rewarding, it really does just glide on like a dream. Ohhhh happy days.

LVL Enhance Nouveau lashes

What are LVL lashes?

I definitely know some of you are thinking, excuse me? A what?

Over many years, I constantly battled with having the straightest lashes of all time, to the point where they almost go down instead of up! IT DROVE ME NUTS.

As a woman, we all want these glamorous, dark, long, CURLED lashes. I, was not blessed. So as you are probably be thinking right now, why can’t you just curl them with eyelash curlers? I do, and the process is long when you are as particular as me. I even went to the extent of buying corner lash curlers MAC bought out a few years back, but I was still unsatisfied. Even so, when I take off the mascara and my lashes fall back into their ugly state, I look like a boy. So maybe eyelash perm and tint? I live in Hastings, and maybe I wasn’t looking in the right places but I always got the same old response of, ‘oh we tint, but don’t perm.’ I ended up giving up. Perming is a slightly older technique now anyway, and I was always slightly concerned as I heard many tales about how it could give you this disastrous tight curl because the lashes were wrapped round this little curling rod. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Now as you may have previously read, I had my lash extensions done, which as you all know I loved, but the maintenance for them and not being able to rub my eyes just wasn’t for me long term. How was I ever going to solve this?

LVL lashes, that’s how. It is known as ‘The no.1 alternative to false eyelashes or extensions’ and have been raved about by celebrity makeup artists such as Lisa Eldridge and celebrities including Michelle Keegan.

As quoted from the Nouveau website,

 “LVL Enhance adds length, volume and lift to natural eyelashes. With no extensions, no adhesive and no mascara.”

Unlike a traditional lash perm, LVL Enhance straightens your natural lashes at the root. This then creates the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. Using the added lash tint, this creates a mascara-style effect, so your lashes are perfect from the moment you wake up! The treatment is ideal for those seeking a more natural look. The treatment takes just 40 minutes but the effects are instant and last from six-eight weeks.

Another amazing thing… little maintenance is required once you leave the salon. What’s more, by combining the treatment with regular use of Nouveau Lashes Conditioning Serum to nourish your lashes, you could be about to say goodbye to mascara for good!

As women, we always complain about how our boyfriends, dads, brothers, husbands all have deliciously long thick lashes. Have you never stopped to think why? They don’t abuse them like we do… they don’t coat them in mascara, sleep with makeup on, pick them. Why is it that we never think lashes should be treated like the hair on our head? If we went through life not conditioning our hair or do these Moroccon oil treatments which some of you love…it most definitely wouldn’t look as great as it could.

So think ladies… not only does this save you time in the morning.. Its also a perfect option for travelling, wedding day prep, brides, sports. Need I say more?

REVIEW Hydration + Radiant glow, 2in1

I am always seeking new high street products to try.

This time, I came across jamiegenevieve (a real cool Scottish makeupartist) on Instagram raving about Olay Hydration + Radiant glow 2in1.

HELLO? Who doesn’t like a dewy glow? Olay has been a classic beauty product for as long as I can remember. Yeah, admittedly reminds me of my grandma but, things move on, and if it’s good enough for my grandma and Jamie, I’ll give it a try.

I have used it a few times now. The first thing I initially thought was oh wow, that’s a strong perfumed scent. You know like the classic old school beauty product smell. Not offensive, just maybe a bit overwhelming for me. Anyway, smell aside, the consistency is lovely, it feels extremely light. I am also impressed with how it soaks into the skin, I real hate the greasy feeling that some moisturisers can leave. This makes it it’s ideal for using makeup over the top also.

As for the glow, you cannot fault it. It does what it says on the tin… Glows.  Its not highly pearlised which is sometimes a little too much all over the face. It’s just enough to look slightly more healthy.

…HOWEVER, I have a bit of eczema at the moment near my nose, and it’s slightly sensitive. This doesn’t bode well with the perfumed part. It stung. I am weary this is probably not ideal for sensitive skintypes. If you do have eczema on the face, just avoid it.

I think personally for me, due to my sensitivity this is a moisturiser I would use only in the day or mixed in with a foundation… I would not use it for a night cream! If you don’t have skin complaints, it’s just glorious.

To show you the results, I used an matte foundation to show you how it would look.

I think it retails at about £9.99 in Superdrug, if you go asap… They still have a really good deal on!


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Say hello to Emily!

Emily, what a babe. She doesn’t answer back when I poke her in the eye, pull her hair too hard, or stab a pin in the back of her head.

When I joined Gemma Suttons pro team back in the summer, she mentioned the possibilities to train with her in hair styling/bridal hair up if I was interested! Don’t get me wrong, I knew it could be tricky as it really was out of my comfort zone, but hey… what an opportunity, to come as the full package. Now as we all know, practise makes perfect, and each time Gemma showed me a new style I needed to hone my skills, but it wasn’t always easy dragging your friends round to get their hair tangled in a brush.

SO, say hello to Emily!

Now, she may have scary eyes, and the most random mix of colours in her hair, but in between training days, she is there anyday, anytime and nothing is ever any trouble. Only problem, dad doesn’t like her, HAHA.

So, over the last few weeks, these are the creations I’ve been mastering…

…and I will continue my journey to perfecting my skills.

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My eyelash extension experience.

Since baby chops been born… I have loved being around, helping out wherever I can. EVEN when it means changing her hideous nappies (which I strangely don’t mind because she is the happiest when she’s being freshened up). I have just loved it.

So one day I get a text from baby Mumma saying I got a surprise for you. To show how much she appreciated the help, she had booked us in to get eyelash extensions! …What an absolute babe. As you can imagine, I was extremely excited, I’ve always wanted to have them done! Jadey had organised it so that the lash queen came round to hers so we could take in turns holding babe. I was a little nervous as I knew it was one of those things I could get quite addicted to quickly. Was this going to become an expensive habit?


At the beginning, of course you’re aware of them but, I could not believe how comfortable they felt! With fake lashes I automatically feel drowsy an i want to rip them off, but these felt great. You’re not aloud to get your eyes wet for 24hrs to set the glue, which is harder then you can imagine. After that, the rule of thumb is to use oil free makeup products. Wanting to preserve the pristine state of my lashes for as long as possible, I was petrified to do anything with my eyes. Even to touch them… put eyemakeup on (hard when you’re a makeup artist) or, wash my face was nerve racking. It did become slightly frustrating. I don’t think you realise just how much you touch your eyes, but it was all worth it when you felt like you could wake up and look delicious without even doing anything! Having the lashes made you look like you had a slight liner as the lash root was a lot darker.


After a couple of days just one or two dropped out, I think they were obviously little loose ones, but it didn’t make an once of difference. After a couple of weeks, an maybe a couple of bunches shedding, they still didn’t look too shabby but I noticed it. I went back to get just a couple more added because I loved it so much and of course getting used to them I felt bolder and wanted them a little fuller. They charge you a certain amount after two weeks, and then it’s more after three weeks, and then I think it goes back to full price. Of course the prices vary between each beauty therapist, but again I was happy.

After a week or so, as much as I loved them, I decided it was a treatment I just couldn’t justify spending money on. All of a sudden I worried about what happens when they fall out… What will happen when my eyes are bald again… Will I even have any lashes? You can get them taken off professionally, but I thought, not its ok… I will let them drop out.

The last time I had my lashes done was the 24th September. Up until October 13th when I met my friend and she said about how glorious my hugely balding lashes looked… I have managed to keep them looking ok with lashings of mascara… Since then they have slowly deteriorated and have just looked a bit ratty.

Now, on the 26th October, I have decided enough is enough and my 15 or less individual lash strands that I had left just had to go. I definitely feel like I have a couple of bald lashes, but here are the results.

My conclusion is, if you are not worried about the slight short term loss of lashes once they come off, they are an absolute dream to experience. If you’re getting married and going on honeymoon and want stress free face, or… have just had a baby and like to feel glamourous, they are ideal. If you have wicked lashes already, you need to really decide whether you want them enough, as these will thin and shorten your lashes temporarily after they come off. I definitely don’t regret them, I have absolutely loved the hassle free few weeks and the compliments I have gotten, and for the short term loss… I can deal with it!




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KIKO review

So, I was heading home from a lovely little meet up with a couple of friends in London when I see something shining bright like a diamond out the corner of my eye. It stopped me in my tracks. “For goodness sake” I thought to myself as I had already just spent enough money on dinner and a couple of items of clothing, plus the fact that my train was literally 20 mins away from being missed didn’t help.

Ok… So I have run out of my powder and my mascara is getting pretty dry, and a makeup artist can never have enough makeup right? So, feeling like a naughty school kid going for a sneaky fag break, I sidestepped into the shop as if I was on an undercover mission. HELLO KIKO!!!

So, one of my weaknesses is a good lip product, whether it be a lipstick or lip liner. I was in need of a new natural lip liner, however the colours were just pretty limited, so I ended up being tempted by the pencil lipgloss, which I thought being in a pencil form would be a good alternative. All a little bit controversial for me as I’m not really a massive gloss fan.








THE VERDICT. The consistency is glorious… it goes on real smooth and like a gloss isn’t sticky or gloopy due to it being a pencil. The colour pay off is also very good, it doesn’t take forever to build up. However, if you like a gloss.. it really isn’t very glossy, as you can see from the photos. Another slight downfall is that, unlike a normal lipliner which is generally more solid in form, this being a gloss means it softer and runs down quicker so you have to sharpen it a lot, not ideal on the go.



I then looked at the insane wall of mascaras. There were soo many! Recently I have had lash extensions (which I will also be blogging about) and they are all getting slightly ratty where I am letting them drop out naturally, so I asked a kind young gentleman for some advice on making the most of my balding lashes. He ended up selling me the volumeeyes+ mascara because I said I needed something to get to the little hairs that are between my extensions but volume them up. The brush is wicked, because it does just this.With the thick wand tapering into a skinny end you can cater to any type of lash. From what I can tell you with the way my lashes are at the moment, it gives a really nice buildable finish and IT DOESNT DROP!!! I struggle so much with mascara leaving me with panda eyes it drives me nut, so this is ideal. It maybe not the blackest of mascaras though. I will re review this when I am back to just my natural lashes.

The last purchase was the compact mineral powder. I absolutely love MAC mineralise skinfinish powder… so I thought, due to the Kiko alternative being £9.90 it would be interesting to see how it compares. The first thing I will point out is it’s actually really natural on the skin. it does take quite a while to build, so you may get through it quicker, but its very smooth looking, i.e. not powdery. With any powder, I personally prefer to use a brush as it gives a more even and blended finish. However if you do like quite a full coverage a sponge may do that quicker. Colour wise, I would always say try before you buy. Unfortunately, I was in the shop with extremely white lighting which made the colours look slightly bleached out. In a hurry i just picked one and when I got home, it was too dark and I looked like a satsuma.

All in all, the three products are amazing value for money, and I would purchase them again.

Happy Tuesday!

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A little inspiration for myself…

When I get asked, what do you do? On my reply of ‘I’m a makeup artist” people’s eyes light up and go “oh cool what for” and when I reply “mainly bridal, but occasionally editorial as well” they look at me like, oh. I think they only see makeup artists in ‘high fashion’ ‘catwalk’ or doing ‘celebrities’

People forget that, just because we do bridal makeup and it’s our passion, doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in latest fashions or keeping on top of trends, or are any less of an artist. We are in a constantly evolving world. Everything follows a trend, from colours, flowers to the words people use! I choose bridal because I love it and would never change it.

So… As someone who is very interested in fashion as well as my beautiful bridal artistry, I take great excitement reading up on new looks and following the latest catwalk trends.

I was looking through my brides magazine that I purchased the other week, and I realise I don’t read as much as I probably should, I look at colours, themes, patterns that tend to merge and of course the makeup and hair.

Here are some looks j’adore from A/W 2015. Of course these can be translated to non bridal looks! They are just gorgeous beauty looks that would work amazingly for brides.

Rosebud kisses! This look is taken from Burberry. It’s for the launch of their Burberry kisses lipsticks in Nude Beige no.01. I just think it’s so romantic with the glowing skin and the soft smudgy eyes. Nothing is really precise here, no hard lines or block colours, just a wash of beauty enhancement. It’s an ideal alternative for people who want to wear eyeliner but struggle with a liquid line. Just line the eyes with the pencil of choice and with some form of fluffy brush blend over the line for the diffused look.

Dolce and Gabanna.

Again, the skin has a beautiful luminosity about it using soft highlighting on the high planes of the face, i.e where the light naturally bounces off the skin, very on trend at the moment. The eyes are enhanced with skintonal eye shadows and a feline flick. A real classic Dolce and Gabbana look, very Rosie Huntington-Whitely.


This look was inspired by photos of Marilyn Monroe on the beach. Again, dewy skin, soft blurred makeup, nothing harsh, with a classic eyeliner, fluttering lashes and pink pout.

As you can see through all of these looks, a common theme is the skin is radiant and has a natural look about it. Nothing is caked on or heavily contoured. Of course it’s not going to be for everyone, but… It’s just my findings.

…Happy Wednesday! X

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A couple of essentials, just in case.

So, I said I was going to do a blog on eye primers, but I’m quite tired tonight so I am afraid, I’ve had a change of mind.

Instead, a word of advice for brides on your day.

At the beginning of your day, I will have done everything in my power to keep your glorious face in tip top condition for as long as possible and you will feel a million dollars, but you have to remember after a million and one kisses, 25 thousand hugs, chatting, eating, laughing and crying… Your face may start to wear.

Here are some essentials you may want for touch ups.

  • Translucent powder. As everyone knows, shine is not ideal ….no one likes to look like they have been for a session at the gym in their wedding photos, so to keep that shine at bay but not have a risk of the wrong colour match or overpowderring, translucent is your one. It will just help take away your shine without layering up product making you look cakey. Remember also ladies, powder does not have to cover the whole face. Quite often you only need it in the tzone areas, it’s all about the balance.
  • Lipstick/gloss. Remember it is highly unlikely that freelance makeup artists will be selling lipsticks to their brides, so make sure you ask the artist what lipstick they are using and either get them to buy it, or buy it yourself. Or… use one you own and feel comfortable with.
  • Lash glue. If you’re used to wearing false lashes and are going to be on your day, please please remember to take some lash glue with you! No one wants a lash trying to gravitate toward their eyebrow.
  • Brush/sponge. I always like to have some form of brush/sponge just so I can brush over my foundation or smooth over under my eyes if things get a little worn.
  • Tissues. No explanation needed.

…and if you are wondering where on earth you are going to keep all this, well, that’s whay bridesmaids are for right? 

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Guess who’s back?

…And not very happy!

I had a blog already saved to add little bits to before posting, and its bloody gone!! I cant even remember half the content I put in,

Sooo… here goes, again.

I’m back, after a long time out, not very professional I know, but a lot has happened in the meantime, and I kind of slipped off the bandwagon…easily done!

To start, one of my most beautifulist friends finally had baby Lyla, it felt like she was pregnant forever, literally couldn’t wait any longer, I got so impatient! Poor thing has me round her every 5 minutes talking to her! I definitely feel like she should be my baby I just love her that much, even when she does puke on me 5 times in 2 days…  She is already 9 weeks old which is sickening. Soon ill be round beating up all the little boys trying to win her heart.

Another exciting bit of news I’m going to write about is all about me joining an amazing bridal pro team. Many years back, when I was fresh outa Compton…I mean uni, before my MAC days, my uncle (a professional photographer in London) handed me a number of a makeup artist he worked with on a TM Lewin shoot. Her name was Gemma. I contacted her very sheepishly just wondering if I could assist her if ever anything came about to build up experience. I didn’t push myself and eventually just let it slip to the side through lack of confidence. 5-6 years later, it was bought to my attention that I still have her number, and I decide to look into it. I find out since then, she has become one of the top wedding hair & makeup stylists in the UK, winning the National Wedding Awards 2015 for ‘Best Bridal Makeup Artist’ and due to work sky rocketing has founded her own agency. I decided to contact her, and get a message back from her beautiful PA Fran, who suggests I come in for an interview and the rest is history. Since then I have worked with Gemma and am now training with her to do bridal hair up (YIKES).

Here are a few of my first attempts under the watchful eye of Gemma,

As for the 5th image, my poor sister was the guinea pig!


Anyway, there is definitely stuff I still have forgotten to put in and as you all know I could talk for hours, but … I am going to stop there and go combat my blinking accounts whilst drowning myself in endless cups of tea. I literally cannot tell you how tough it is to learn all the adult side of being freelance. I still feel like a child. But yeah, hope everyones had a lovely summer, next blog i’ll be writing will be to do with eye primers I think!!

Over and out,

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Airbrushing – why have it?

So, for a while now I’ve been qualified with airbase to airbrush but I’ve been naughty and not promoted it enough for people to really know I do it.

So I’m going to educate you to help you understand why it would be an option… A delightful one at that.

What is airbrushing?

For those of you who don’t know what airbrushing is, it’s a silicone based makeup that is sprayed onto the skin. Due to its tiny particles it gives a very fine and smooth application making it perfect for high definition tv and film, it can also be amazing for occasion makeup such as weddings.

So why silicone?

Silicone is used in airbase for 4 key reasons –

  • Durability – silicones are known for heat resistance. If it can stand upto the intense heat and light of a studio, imagine how it will last through a wedding day.
  • Natural finish – how can silicone be natural looking I hear you say? Hah. Because the coverage given by silicone only actually needs a light coat. It doesn’t need to be caked on. It can be built up if necessary. Once it’s applied and it settles into the skin it ends up looking lovely and dewy …NOT SWEATY!
  • Easily corrected – because silicones are moveable, the makeup can easily be corrected with a brush… Whereas with water based products, they dry on the skin instantly making them harder to fix.
  • Feels glorious on the skin. Because it’s so lightweight it doesn’t penetrate the skin, it just sits ontop of it and therefore doesn’t clog pores allowing the skin to breath. When products get into the pores, it’s more likely to move as the skin secretes… pushing the makeup out.

AIRBRUSHING IS REAL HYGIENIC. Due to the method of application, therefore is minimal brush usage if any on the face. It reduces the amount of skin touching.

So why airbrushing?

Well, if that don’t tell you all you need to know…? No, seriously, it’s extremely good as it will require minimal touch ups throughout the day and will wear gloriously. On another note (slight tangent) only the most prestigious foundations on the market use a silicone base.

Airbrushing comes in 7 foundation shades, accommodating for all skin types. I can also do concealing and colour correcting with these. It also has bronzer and blush… potentially banishing me faffing around with 100000000 different products. Of course if additional coverage is required I will use something else. It is definitely worth giving a thought if you are a bride to be or have an event that lasts all day!


I had a little play on my sister, the blush, lip colour (minus the clear lipgloss) and face are all airbrush.

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I don’t want to look like Aunt Sally!

I used to hear this all the time “don’t make me look like aunt Sally!” Well guess what love, I won’t. Haha.

I think out of many makeup products, blusher is one that tends to worry most people. What sort of colour?

Where to put it? What if I already have high colour in my cheeks?

Well, hopefully I can help you.

Lets start with the placement. Technically blusher always starts on the apples of your cheeks.

Round face: blend from the apples and along the cheekbone outwards to avoid making your face look rounder.

Slim or long face: avoid just using the blusher on the cheekbones and blending upwards as this will just hollow out the face more. Instead use on the apples of the cheeks and blend slightly out towards the ears to create the illusion of more width in your face.

For a slighly squarer face, use a slightly brighter colour to the apples to brighten, whilst maybe using a slightly more natural blusher or bronzer on the cheekbones to soften.

If you have an oval shaped face, just the apples of the cheek blending out to the hairline is ideal.

CHOOSING A COLOUR – here’s an idea.

Fair skin – pink, peach, nude/beige

medium – mauve, pinks, berries. Apricots

olive – orangey peaches, bronzes, rosy pinks.

Dark skin – Plum, Burgundy, oranges/tangerines

If you are someone who suffers from high colour, use a tinted moisturiser or a colour corrector powder/cream and blend a peach toned blusher over, peach is one of the most universally flattering shades.




It’s completely upto you whether you use a cream or powder! I personally tend to find cream looks and melts into the skin nicely creating a slightly dewy finish. It’s great if you worry about over applying aswell as you can blend it out easily with fingers or a foundation brush. Also looks nice on bare skin.





A powder comes in different finishes, for example can be shimmery or matte … Tends to apply a lot better over makeup giving it a smoother application. Always should be applied with a soft fluffy brush!!





…One last thing, when I apply a blusher, I tend to then use a lipstick of a similar undertone or colour as the blush to pull the look together! Otherwise it can look a little mismatched.

I hope this helps everyone?

It’s becoming an obsession.

Ok, so I know i’ve touched on one of these already, but I really am obsessed.

These two products are 100% a must have for the summer coming.

One is the mineralize charged water from MAC, i love it so much I have to have it everywhere with me… I freak out if I dont. I love the way it gives a dewy glow and refreshes makeup. If you apply it to the skin before makeup it helps prep your skin as a canvas for makeup. Applying after will replenish the moisture and reset the makeup…And when it’s hot (I know..l live in England, I don’t know what hot means) ha, it feels so fresssh. It is infused with green tea and smells of a delicious citrus scent.

The second, my lip balm love. Lips to me, have to be silky smooth.

EOS – evolution of smooth.

This stuff comes in the most glorious colours and flavours, everyone loves cute packaging and a flavour. Sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, pomegranate raspberry, I mean if that isn’t enough and you need extra requirements, they have lemon drop with an spf 15 and a medicated one that’s tangerine flavour. On a serious note though it’s 95% natural and contains the ever so important vitamin e which is antioxidant rich, shea butter and jojoba oil and for people who have an issue with parabens it’s paraben-free.

So yeah, all in all… A winner to combat dry lips!

Got to love that, and… I may have got a few of my friends obsessed too.

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Cheap vs expensive

Mascara. Such a tricky one, one that I really, really find is like buying a new bra or pair of jeans.

So I put two different ones to the test. One cheap. One expensive.

Maybelline great lash vs MAC in extreme dimension lash.

Of course working for MAC cosmetics for so long I got used to just wearing their mascara, but I have got to a point where I would like to try the ones from the high street again, see whether the price really does make a difference. So i went back to the maybelline great lash which I have used before. One of the most iconic mascaras I think, everyone seems to recognise it, I expect most of you have tried it. However, it is waterproof and I do find that sometimes waterproof versions of mascaras can sometimes give a slightly less volumised finish… So take this into consideration. Here are the results, starting with my naked eye.


ONE COAT of great lash. It gives a really nice Feathery fluffy lash look, very very soft and natural, maybe a bit too natural for me, but great for the ‘not wearing any makeup’ look (you know when you wake up and quickly wack on a bit of makeup before the new boyf wakes up and pretend this is your I woke up like this face)

Brush is also amazing as being slightly smaller it gets into the little corners.

2ND, 3RD MAYBE EVEN 4TH COAT, you could go on forever. Ok, so it will never be a false lash effect, but it does look delicious and one thing I loved is that it never dumped a massive wet blob of mascara on your lash. I would say it’s a great option for a natural mascara thats perfect for separating the lashes and is non clumpy. This is ideal for people who aren’t really partial to big lashes, or maybe on the other end of the spectrum who have trouble with their lashes being really thick and tangly, it would probably separate them out nicely.

Overall I actually love it as I like the texture it gives to the lash, but don’t expect it to be a quick application, I feel the desired results take a little bit of work.



ONE COAT instantly gives me a more of a dramatic finish then the maybelline does in 2 coats. The brush is built with three reservoirs which hold the product in, so coats the lash in one sweep. It’s also a beautifully rich black so perfect for people with no patience.  However saying that, the wand being a little bigger will probably be a little more tricky for those who tend to get mascara everywhere. So just, be careful.

Probably the 3rd coat, it does not need many. As you can see my lashes are again separated nicely but it’s more dramatic then the maybelline and definitely blacker. I adore this mascara, but I feel if you’re a bit heavy handed it can definitely start looking clumpy as its extremely dramatic pretty much straight off. I have had a couple of occasions where it’s dumped a mascara blog on my lash and I’ve had to take a clean wand to brush it through. But I dont mind a challenge, if you worry about this just make sure the brush is already less coated before you apply. It also has the bristles at the end so you can comb in the nooks and crannys. The texture of the mascara is lovely! so creamy…and I do think it actually will last longer then the maybelline. I worry the maybelline will dry out quicker.


So my conclusion is this. They are both great purchases, however for different reasons. You don’t get the same depth of black with the maybelline and I don’t know if it will last as long, but for £4, does it matter? If you like the drama, the MAC mascara definitely does give a more dramatic finish and is much blacker. I find it holds better throughout the day, but maybe is a bit messy to apply, so you could maybe say this is for people who are more confident with mascara.

The GREAT LASH is an amazing price and for a more natural look is even better. Not for those wanting drama, it won’t beat the IN EXTREME and does take a long time to build. From experience I feel I need to wack on an extra coat throughout the day to keep them plumped. Its definitely not a one sweep wonder.

MASCARA TIP.  One thing I must say before I let you get on, please please don’t crazy pump your mascara thinking it makes a difference to the amount on the brush. It will only dry out your product quicker as it pushes loads of air in it, PLUS…it drives me crazy to watch. Haha.

I hope this helps. Enjoy the rest of the sun! Let’s hope we see more of this… I am getting used to it, x

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Defining the eyes.


I am so full on chocolate, roast dinner and cups of tea… It’s outrageous.

I just wanted to show you a simple way of defining the eyes without doing a pencil or liquid liner. It’s also really easy if you aren’t used to using eyeliner.

Start with the colour of your choice and a brush that looks like the image below. It’s easier with the angle so it rests easily on the eye.

Using the brush, PRESS the colour into the lash line bit by bit. Try to avoid dragging the brush as if you are drawing a line, it will only pull the skin and cause that annoying patchiness in the liner.


Once you get the hang of it, the results will just make your eyes appear more defined and lashes fuller as opposed to being a strong makeup look.


Please excuse the hideous blotchy skin,

Enjoy eating too much food. I am now going to sloth on the sofa…

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Saturday, a day of freelance.

What I love about freelance…apart from the delicious cups of tea and maybe the odd naughty glass of sparkly (if it’s a bridal)

Well, yesterday started off with makeup for a bride and her mother. I absolutely cannot tell you how excited I get being with brides on the morning of their weddings. Not only do I love the whole idea of marriage and therefore love to see all the different themes of people’s days, I love the feeling of being a part of their day.

I love the comotion, the hustle and bustle of people coming and going, dropping things off, the joy… the tears. Just everything. When you have that moment with a bride, it’s a time for her to just catch her breath, take time out, be pampered and it’s my responsibility to make her feel comfortable and at ease, and I hope they do.

I think it’s easy to forget that we actually probably do mean quite a lot to a bride. Afterall, we are responsible for their face… And I tell you what, knowing that your work is going to be in pictures, pictures of one of the most important days of their life for eternity it is quite an overwhelming thought.

I then did a makeup for someone who I’ve done a few jobs for now. Another amazing perk of the job is you start to build a rapport with people if they are repeat customers, so it ends up feeling like you’re just going round a mates for a gossip and to do their makeup at the same time. Winning.

Anyway, I now have to go check on my cake I’m making for mother hen. It’s her birthday tomorrow!!

Oh, p.s. One more good/bad thing about wedding mornings is the delicious food they try to feed you. I kept being offerered a sausage sandwich (YUM) which I avoided for the whole time I was there… to then break and drive via waitrose and buy sausages and a baguette to cook up for lunch. For goodness sake, I caved in.

Night, x

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Barbie and Cinderella and… A little advice.

So much is going on at the moment with all kinds of Disney …and apparently my childhood favourite Barbie. How exciting!!!

I cannot wait to see the Cinderella movie, which we worked with as one of the inspirations for this shoot today.

One thing I would say when working on editorial is try not to over powder, it can end up looking cakey. Only apply in areas you do not want shine, and use downward strokes so the powder doesn’t grab the hair leaving you looking fuzzy!

Barbie pink lip

Barbie pink lip

Actually, one more thing, my saviour… either fix + or mineralise charged water mist from MAC (I’m sure there are other brand equivalents). Spritzing the skin with this will not only make the skin so much more dewy, hydrated and delicious, it will also help break up the makeup if you have gone a bit crazy on the powder.

Will you look at those cheekbones!

Will you look at those cheekbones!

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Bobbi Brown, Brew and Bath.

Brew and bath… Hello Sunday.

I cannot remember whether I have previously mentioned, but alongside freelancing, I also work for the Estée Lauder bureau all over London. This means I work for any of the companies under the Estée lauder branch (aveda, clinique, smash box, MAC, Tom Ford etc). I wanted this so I could expand my knowledge of products outside of MAC.  So yesterday, was a Bobbi Brown day. I was based in House of Fraser city so had the delightful yet somewhat breezy walk over London Bridge to get there. I got onto the counter and realised I was alone. Yikes. A Saturday alone? I was quickly reminded it was city (a financial district) so it was one of the quietest days of the week, a far cry from places like Covent garden and Stratford. Anyway,


Vitamin enriched face base.

One of bobbis best sellers. It’s a multitasker, working as a moisturiser and a primer. Apart from smelling glorious due to grapefruit, geranium an carrot extracts. It’s packed full of vitamin c, e and a which combined helps minimise the look of fine lines and protects from environmental damage. The texture is rich but not greasy (one of my pet hates) due to being oil free and contains Shea butter for that beautiful soft, cushiony hydrated skin. The one down side of it, is it works out at £38.50, which isn’t the cheapest, but then it’s time saving for mummas or people on the go an it’s two products not one. When using it I have found my makeup glides on beautiful, my skin feeling plump and smooth and although hydrating doesn’t leave my skin looking shiny. All in all, it’s a winner in my opinion.



Bobbi Brown makeup manual. 

Due to it being rather quiet, I got to have some time to take a closer look at the Bobbi Brown makeup manual (which I actually remember I have at home, whoopsss). Not only does it talk about makeup and applications, it also advises on skincare, how to recognise your skin type, lifestyle, food and drink choices to help keep you beautiful. It’s really quite thorough and has advice for all, whether you’re a first timer or a pro. Of course, nothing has to be gospel and people are going to have things they do and don’t prefer on themselves, but it’s a good gift to anyone who loves makeup… Oh and it’s very visual. Everyone likes to look at pictures!

Anyway, I think I’ve spoken enough… I’m turning wrinkly. Enjoy your Sunday!

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Skin, to full cover or to not full cover.

I think I’m obsessed with skin right now. Maybe it’s because it’s coming upto spring/summer.

Working for MAC, and as a freelance artist, you really do see so many different skin types and problems.. And I tell you what, one thing I have learnt is

Less is more. 

Let me explain.

When I started working for MAC, I couldn’t wait to plaster my face with studio fix foundation, and the heaviest concealor possible. I LOVED IT. But, as time went on I started to learn and develop my skills and my opinion changed. I hated how concealor would sit thick an creased in the dryness under my eyes, and how it looked over my patches of dry skin. So what if you have acne? Bad skin? When I say less is more, I don’t mean everyone should just put on a really light tinted moisturiser and bam, magical flawless skin. Instead use something with slightly less coverage, whether it’s a foundation or a BB cream, or a tinted moisturiser, but then, build by cleverly concealing or colour correcting the areas of concern, or even both. A skin will have areas of imperfection, no matter how big or small, an they will need more coverage. You may have absolutely amazing skin but you are extremely concerned about your circles under the eyes but that doesn’t mean you have to go into full coverage all over, just concentrate on correcting under the eyes.

Here’s an example of my routine at the moment. Yours will vary.

  1. I start by prepping my skin using a lightweight moisturiser and a primer for radiance. I then use eye cream as I have always suffered with dryness under the eyes.
  2. I use a product called Face and Body by MAC. It’s low to medium buildable foundation that’s slightly more skin conditioning and leaves a natural satin shine finish. Now for me this is perfect as I like a slightly more dewy glow to my skin, however it doesn’t cover my spots completely  and I still have darkness under my eyes.
  3. After applying my foundation, I can see where I still need improvement. I suffer with darkness under my eyes as opposed to redness. I start by correcting this colour. For the dark, purply tones, use a warmer tone, for example a peachy/pink and a peach/orange tone for darker skintones. This will help draw out the darkness as it counteracts the undertones. Then, using a concealor of my skintone, I use my ring finger (less pressure) and tap it under the eye. Try not to drag it.
  4. If you have spots all you can see is red. Redness, whether its rosacea or spots can be neutralised with yellow or some people use green. Again, apply this lightly to the area and conceal over with a matching skintone concealor. If your spots are dry, warm up your concealor in your fingers or use a slightly more hydrating concealor and just tap the product over the blemish. Again, don’t drag it or just rub it in as it won’t be as covering and may sit wrong.
  5. Lightly powder over to finish again, only in areas you feel you need it.

It will take time to discover what’s best for you, i’m still learning and unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to just use one product. But if you’re not happy with your complexion, start taking into consideration what it is that isn’t working for your skin and get to understand it.

Here is an inspiring photo I found that made me really realise how clever application can work,

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Dear bride to be...

As I set up to do trials for my brides to be, a sense of pride washes over me to think they have chosen me to do their makeup for one of the biggest days of their life’s.

BUT there are so many important factors to consider when you are thinking about your big day’s makeup.

The first factor I think is one of the most important. Are you used to wearing makeup? It’s all very well pulling out a makeup look that is very extravagant and colourful, but you got to remember when it goes on your face, it will feel much different… Especially if you aren’t used to it. So, think about what you’re used to.

Secondly. Your partner fell in love with you the way you were. I want brides to feel themselves. It’s about creating a more enhanced beautiful YOU.

And lastly, always say if you aren’t keen on something. This is your day, not ours and we will not be offended. As makeup artists we help to translate your vision, or sometimes just do what we think looks right if it’s left in our hands. Therefore their is always a chance we could do something you aren’t so sure about, but unlike hair, we can fix it, you just need to tell us. If you find it hard to translate, there is absolutely no harm in collecting some images, even if it’s just a liner style, or a lipstick colour. Anything helps.


Here are some images that have inspired me from S/S 2015 makeup trends:

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Nudes. and blankety.

Blankety… What the hell is blankety I hear you say?

Well, let me tell you. Blankety is a ‘nude’ lipstick I just absolutely adore from MAC with a soft pink beige tone..

Recently as some of you MAC fanatics may be aware, MACcosmetics has suffered a serious stock issue with nude lipsticks like velvet teddy … Honeylove, or just anything that looks like you have a slightly foundation nude lip. This is due to the accidental slip of tongue (or not so accidental) made by Kylie Jenner when she boasted about loving the lipstick paired with a lipliner soar (more brownish pink)

While everyone is going into meltdown over not being able to purchase these items due to insanely high demand (even if they have never seen the lipstick, let alone know whether it suits them) I am sitting here smug thinking, thank goodness I have my own version. And this is what I want you to remember. Blankety may not be to everyone’s taste, therefore neither may velvet teddy be… Or Honeylove. A nude is many different things. A definition of a nude to you is not the same as it would be to me.  They come in many different undertones, pinkish, brown, reddish, beige…just like your lips do. So if you want a product to be a good nude for you, don’t follow the crowd and buy a cult product, especially if it’s this definition of ‘nude’ as it really may not suit you and the texture could be completely wrong.

Instead.. Be brave and go find one that you’re comfortable with, and rock it!

Here is my version of nude using Blankety

Blankety with plum lipliner underneath (also from Mac)

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