REVIEW Hydration + Radiant glow, 2in1

I am always seeking new high street products to try.

This time, I came across jamiegenevieve (a real cool Scottish makeupartist) on Instagram raving about Olay Hydration + Radiant glow 2in1.

HELLO? Who doesn’t like a dewy glow? Olay has been a classic beauty product for as long as I can remember. Yeah, admittedly reminds me of my grandma but, things move on, and if it’s good enough for my grandma and Jamie, I’ll give it a try.

I have used it a few times now. The first thing I initially thought was oh wow, that’s a strong perfumed scent. You know like the classic old school beauty product smell. Not offensive, just maybe a bit overwhelming for me. Anyway, smell aside, the consistency is lovely, it feels extremely light. I am also impressed with how it soaks into the skin, I real hate the greasy feeling that some moisturisers can leave. This makes it it’s ideal for using makeup over the top also.

As for the glow, you cannot fault it. It does what it says on the tin… Glows.  Its not highly pearlised which is sometimes a little too much all over the face. It’s just enough to look slightly more healthy.

…HOWEVER, I have a bit of eczema at the moment near my nose, and it’s slightly sensitive. This doesn’t bode well with the perfumed part. It stung. I am weary this is probably not ideal for sensitive skintypes. If you do have eczema on the face, just avoid it.

I think personally for me, due to my sensitivity this is a moisturiser I would use only in the day or mixed in with a foundation… I would not use it for a night cream! If you don’t have skin complaints, it’s just glorious.

To show you the results, I used an matte foundation to show you how it would look.

I think it retails at about £9.99 in Superdrug, if you go asap… They still have a really good deal on!


Natasha BinnsComment