Dear bride to be...

As I set up to do trials for my brides to be, a sense of pride washes over me to think they have chosen me to do their makeup for one of the biggest days of their life’s.

BUT there are so many important factors to consider when you are thinking about your big day’s makeup.

The first factor I think is one of the most important. Are you used to wearing makeup? It’s all very well pulling out a makeup look that is very extravagant and colourful, but you got to remember when it goes on your face, it will feel much different… Especially if you aren’t used to it. So, think about what you’re used to.

Secondly. Your partner fell in love with you the way you were. I want brides to feel themselves. It’s about creating a more enhanced beautiful YOU.

And lastly, always say if you aren’t keen on something. This is your day, not ours and we will not be offended. As makeup artists we help to translate your vision, or sometimes just do what we think looks right if it’s left in our hands. Therefore their is always a chance we could do something you aren’t so sure about, but unlike hair, we can fix it, you just need to tell us. If you find it hard to translate, there is absolutely no harm in collecting some images, even if it’s just a liner style, or a lipstick colour. Anything helps.


Here are some images that have inspired me from S/S 2015 makeup trends:

Natasha BinnsComment