Say hello to Emily!

Emily, what a babe. She doesn’t answer back when I poke her in the eye, pull her hair too hard, or stab a pin in the back of her head.

When I joined Gemma Suttons pro team back in the summer, she mentioned the possibilities to train with her in hair styling/bridal hair up if I was interested! Don’t get me wrong, I knew it could be tricky as it really was out of my comfort zone, but hey… what an opportunity, to come as the full package. Now as we all know, practise makes perfect, and each time Gemma showed me a new style I needed to hone my skills, but it wasn’t always easy dragging your friends round to get their hair tangled in a brush.

SO, say hello to Emily!

Now, she may have scary eyes, and the most random mix of colours in her hair, but in between training days, she is there anyday, anytime and nothing is ever any trouble. Only problem, dad doesn’t like her, HAHA.

So, over the last few weeks, these are the creations I’ve been mastering…

…and I will continue my journey to perfecting my skills.

Natasha BinnsComment