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Lash Growth and Conditioning serum

Ok, so something I didn’t expect from having my lashes done with the LVL is that they would get thicker. Obviously not quite literally from the actual treatment, but i will explain what I mean.

Its been nearly four weeks now since I have had my LVL treatment and therefore four weeks of not using Lash Curlers. I genuinely am gobsmacked about how many new lashes are starting to appear. You can tell because new lashes appear shorter at the root, this is where they are at the first stages of growth! Now I understand of course lashes have a growth cycle, so naturally I would start noticing new hairs, but this is uninterrupted growth because I am not messing around with them so much. I have always had reasonably long lashes but I suppose looking back on it… the amount of curling I do with my blinking lash curlers meant that they were never getting a break and were probably never getting to grow back to their full potential.

Alongside this as part of my LVL treatment I have started using the Lash Conditioning Serum.

I decided for myself, before I started promoting it with my business I would use it for a couple of weeks so I could 100% understand what it was I was promoting.

Nouveau lash serum coats and seals each lash locking in moisture. This helps ensure natural lashes look healthy and shiny. I use it twice a day, once in the morning as primer before my mascara, and once in the evening just before I go to sleep! It’s also nice just to brush through your lashes it you don’t want to use any mascara! Silky smooth.

The more I go through this journey of LVL lashes the more I really appreciate the small things it does for me. Just the general application of mascara is so much more rewarding, it really does just glide on like a dream. Ohhhh happy days.