Guess who’s back?

…And not very happy!

I had a blog already saved to add little bits to before posting, and its bloody gone!! I cant even remember half the content I put in,

Sooo… here goes, again.

I’m back, after a long time out, not very professional I know, but a lot has happened in the meantime, and I kind of slipped off the bandwagon…easily done!

To start, one of my most beautifulist friends finally had baby Lyla, it felt like she was pregnant forever, literally couldn’t wait any longer, I got so impatient! Poor thing has me round her every 5 minutes talking to her! I definitely feel like she should be my baby I just love her that much, even when she does puke on me 5 times in 2 days…  She is already 9 weeks old which is sickening. Soon ill be round beating up all the little boys trying to win her heart.

Another exciting bit of news I’m going to write about is all about me joining an amazing bridal pro team. Many years back, when I was fresh outa Compton…I mean uni, before my MAC days, my uncle (a professional photographer in London) handed me a number of a makeup artist he worked with on a TM Lewin shoot. Her name was Gemma. I contacted her very sheepishly just wondering if I could assist her if ever anything came about to build up experience. I didn’t push myself and eventually just let it slip to the side through lack of confidence. 5-6 years later, it was bought to my attention that I still have her number, and I decide to look into it. I find out since then, she has become one of the top wedding hair & makeup stylists in the UK, winning the National Wedding Awards 2015 for ‘Best Bridal Makeup Artist’ and due to work sky rocketing has founded her own agency. I decided to contact her, and get a message back from her beautiful PA Fran, who suggests I come in for an interview and the rest is history. Since then I have worked with Gemma and am now training with her to do bridal hair up (YIKES).

Here are a few of my first attempts under the watchful eye of Gemma,

As for the 5th image, my poor sister was the guinea pig!


Anyway, there is definitely stuff I still have forgotten to put in and as you all know I could talk for hours, but … I am going to stop there and go combat my blinking accounts whilst drowning myself in endless cups of tea. I literally cannot tell you how tough it is to learn all the adult side of being freelance. I still feel like a child. But yeah, hope everyones had a lovely summer, next blog i’ll be writing will be to do with eye primers I think!!

Over and out,

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