Defining the eyes.


I am so full on chocolate, roast dinner and cups of tea… It’s outrageous.

I just wanted to show you a simple way of defining the eyes without doing a pencil or liquid liner. It’s also really easy if you aren’t used to using eyeliner.

Start with the colour of your choice and a brush that looks like the image below. It’s easier with the angle so it rests easily on the eye.

Using the brush, PRESS the colour into the lash line bit by bit. Try to avoid dragging the brush as if you are drawing a line, it will only pull the skin and cause that annoying patchiness in the liner.


Once you get the hang of it, the results will just make your eyes appear more defined and lashes fuller as opposed to being a strong makeup look.


Please excuse the hideous blotchy skin,

Enjoy eating too much food. I am now going to sloth on the sofa…

Natasha BinnsComment