Bobbi Brown, Brew and Bath.

Brew and bath… Hello Sunday.

I cannot remember whether I have previously mentioned, but alongside freelancing, I also work for the Estée Lauder bureau all over London. This means I work for any of the companies under the Estée lauder branch (aveda, clinique, smash box, MAC, Tom Ford etc). I wanted this so I could expand my knowledge of products outside of MAC.  So yesterday, was a Bobbi Brown day. I was based in House of Fraser city so had the delightful yet somewhat breezy walk over London Bridge to get there. I got onto the counter and realised I was alone. Yikes. A Saturday alone? I was quickly reminded it was city (a financial district) so it was one of the quietest days of the week, a far cry from places like Covent garden and Stratford. Anyway,


Vitamin enriched face base.

One of bobbis best sellers. It’s a multitasker, working as a moisturiser and a primer. Apart from smelling glorious due to grapefruit, geranium an carrot extracts. It’s packed full of vitamin c, e and a which combined helps minimise the look of fine lines and protects from environmental damage. The texture is rich but not greasy (one of my pet hates) due to being oil free and contains Shea butter for that beautiful soft, cushiony hydrated skin. The one down side of it, is it works out at £38.50, which isn’t the cheapest, but then it’s time saving for mummas or people on the go an it’s two products not one. When using it I have found my makeup glides on beautiful, my skin feeling plump and smooth and although hydrating doesn’t leave my skin looking shiny. All in all, it’s a winner in my opinion.



Bobbi Brown makeup manual. 

Due to it being rather quiet, I got to have some time to take a closer look at the Bobbi Brown makeup manual (which I actually remember I have at home, whoopsss). Not only does it talk about makeup and applications, it also advises on skincare, how to recognise your skin type, lifestyle, food and drink choices to help keep you beautiful. It’s really quite thorough and has advice for all, whether you’re a first timer or a pro. Of course, nothing has to be gospel and people are going to have things they do and don’t prefer on themselves, but it’s a good gift to anyone who loves makeup… Oh and it’s very visual. Everyone likes to look at pictures!

Anyway, I think I’ve spoken enough… I’m turning wrinkly. Enjoy your Sunday!

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