Nudes. and blankety.

Blankety… What the hell is blankety I hear you say?

Well, let me tell you. Blankety is a ‘nude’ lipstick I just absolutely adore from MAC with a soft pink beige tone..

Recently as some of you MAC fanatics may be aware, MACcosmetics has suffered a serious stock issue with nude lipsticks like velvet teddy … Honeylove, or just anything that looks like you have a slightly foundation nude lip. This is due to the accidental slip of tongue (or not so accidental) made by Kylie Jenner when she boasted about loving the lipstick paired with a lipliner soar (more brownish pink)

While everyone is going into meltdown over not being able to purchase these items due to insanely high demand (even if they have never seen the lipstick, let alone know whether it suits them) I am sitting here smug thinking, thank goodness I have my own version. And this is what I want you to remember. Blankety may not be to everyone’s taste, therefore neither may velvet teddy be… Or Honeylove. A nude is many different things. A definition of a nude to you is not the same as it would be to me.  They come in many different undertones, pinkish, brown, reddish, beige…just like your lips do. So if you want a product to be a good nude for you, don’t follow the crowd and buy a cult product, especially if it’s this definition of ‘nude’ as it really may not suit you and the texture could be completely wrong.

Instead.. Be brave and go find one that you’re comfortable with, and rock it!

Here is my version of nude using Blankety

Blankety with plum lipliner underneath (also from Mac)

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