Saturday, a day of freelance.

What I love about freelance…apart from the delicious cups of tea and maybe the odd naughty glass of sparkly (if it’s a bridal)

Well, yesterday started off with makeup for a bride and her mother. I absolutely cannot tell you how excited I get being with brides on the morning of their weddings. Not only do I love the whole idea of marriage and therefore love to see all the different themes of people’s days, I love the feeling of being a part of their day.

I love the comotion, the hustle and bustle of people coming and going, dropping things off, the joy… the tears. Just everything. When you have that moment with a bride, it’s a time for her to just catch her breath, take time out, be pampered and it’s my responsibility to make her feel comfortable and at ease, and I hope they do.

I think it’s easy to forget that we actually probably do mean quite a lot to a bride. Afterall, we are responsible for their face… And I tell you what, knowing that your work is going to be in pictures, pictures of one of the most important days of their life for eternity it is quite an overwhelming thought.

I then did a makeup for someone who I’ve done a few jobs for now. Another amazing perk of the job is you start to build a rapport with people if they are repeat customers, so it ends up feeling like you’re just going round a mates for a gossip and to do their makeup at the same time. Winning.

Anyway, I now have to go check on my cake I’m making for mother hen. It’s her birthday tomorrow!!

Oh, p.s. One more good/bad thing about wedding mornings is the delicious food they try to feed you. I kept being offerered a sausage sandwich (YUM) which I avoided for the whole time I was there… to then break and drive via waitrose and buy sausages and a baguette to cook up for lunch. For goodness sake, I caved in.

Night, x

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