A little inspiration for myself…

When I get asked, what do you do? On my reply of ‘I’m a makeup artist” people’s eyes light up and go “oh cool what for” and when I reply “mainly bridal, but occasionally editorial as well” they look at me like, oh. I think they only see makeup artists in ‘high fashion’ ‘catwalk’ or doing ‘celebrities’

People forget that, just because we do bridal makeup and it’s our passion, doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in latest fashions or keeping on top of trends, or are any less of an artist. We are in a constantly evolving world. Everything follows a trend, from colours, flowers to the words people use! I choose bridal because I love it and would never change it.

So… As someone who is very interested in fashion as well as my beautiful bridal artistry, I take great excitement reading up on new looks and following the latest catwalk trends.

I was looking through my brides magazine that I purchased the other week, and I realise I don’t read as much as I probably should, I look at colours, themes, patterns that tend to merge and of course the makeup and hair.

Here are some looks j’adore from A/W 2015. Of course these can be translated to non bridal looks! They are just gorgeous beauty looks that would work amazingly for brides.

Rosebud kisses! This look is taken from Burberry. It’s for the launch of their Burberry kisses lipsticks in Nude Beige no.01. I just think it’s so romantic with the glowing skin and the soft smudgy eyes. Nothing is really precise here, no hard lines or block colours, just a wash of beauty enhancement. It’s an ideal alternative for people who want to wear eyeliner but struggle with a liquid line. Just line the eyes with the pencil of choice and with some form of fluffy brush blend over the line for the diffused look.

Dolce and Gabanna.

Again, the skin has a beautiful luminosity about it using soft highlighting on the high planes of the face, i.e where the light naturally bounces off the skin, very on trend at the moment. The eyes are enhanced with skintonal eye shadows and a feline flick. A real classic Dolce and Gabbana look, very Rosie Huntington-Whitely.


This look was inspired by photos of Marilyn Monroe on the beach. Again, dewy skin, soft blurred makeup, nothing harsh, with a classic eyeliner, fluttering lashes and pink pout.

As you can see through all of these looks, a common theme is the skin is radiant and has a natural look about it. Nothing is caked on or heavily contoured. Of course it’s not going to be for everyone, but… It’s just my findings.

…Happy Wednesday! X

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