Cheap vs expensive

Mascara. Such a tricky one, one that I really, really find is like buying a new bra or pair of jeans.

So I put two different ones to the test. One cheap. One expensive.

Maybelline great lash vs MAC in extreme dimension lash.

Of course working for MAC cosmetics for so long I got used to just wearing their mascara, but I have got to a point where I would like to try the ones from the high street again, see whether the price really does make a difference. So i went back to the maybelline great lash which I have used before. One of the most iconic mascaras I think, everyone seems to recognise it, I expect most of you have tried it. However, it is waterproof and I do find that sometimes waterproof versions of mascaras can sometimes give a slightly less volumised finish… So take this into consideration. Here are the results, starting with my naked eye.


ONE COAT of great lash. It gives a really nice Feathery fluffy lash look, very very soft and natural, maybe a bit too natural for me, but great for the ‘not wearing any makeup’ look (you know when you wake up and quickly wack on a bit of makeup before the new boyf wakes up and pretend this is your I woke up like this face)

Brush is also amazing as being slightly smaller it gets into the little corners.

2ND, 3RD MAYBE EVEN 4TH COAT, you could go on forever. Ok, so it will never be a false lash effect, but it does look delicious and one thing I loved is that it never dumped a massive wet blob of mascara on your lash. I would say it’s a great option for a natural mascara thats perfect for separating the lashes and is non clumpy. This is ideal for people who aren’t really partial to big lashes, or maybe on the other end of the spectrum who have trouble with their lashes being really thick and tangly, it would probably separate them out nicely.

Overall I actually love it as I like the texture it gives to the lash, but don’t expect it to be a quick application, I feel the desired results take a little bit of work.



ONE COAT instantly gives me a more of a dramatic finish then the maybelline does in 2 coats. The brush is built with three reservoirs which hold the product in, so coats the lash in one sweep. It’s also a beautifully rich black so perfect for people with no patience.  However saying that, the wand being a little bigger will probably be a little more tricky for those who tend to get mascara everywhere. So just, be careful.

Probably the 3rd coat, it does not need many. As you can see my lashes are again separated nicely but it’s more dramatic then the maybelline and definitely blacker. I adore this mascara, but I feel if you’re a bit heavy handed it can definitely start looking clumpy as its extremely dramatic pretty much straight off. I have had a couple of occasions where it’s dumped a mascara blog on my lash and I’ve had to take a clean wand to brush it through. But I dont mind a challenge, if you worry about this just make sure the brush is already less coated before you apply. It also has the bristles at the end so you can comb in the nooks and crannys. The texture of the mascara is lovely! so creamy…and I do think it actually will last longer then the maybelline. I worry the maybelline will dry out quicker.


So my conclusion is this. They are both great purchases, however for different reasons. You don’t get the same depth of black with the maybelline and I don’t know if it will last as long, but for £4, does it matter? If you like the drama, the MAC mascara definitely does give a more dramatic finish and is much blacker. I find it holds better throughout the day, but maybe is a bit messy to apply, so you could maybe say this is for people who are more confident with mascara.

The GREAT LASH is an amazing price and for a more natural look is even better. Not for those wanting drama, it won’t beat the IN EXTREME and does take a long time to build. From experience I feel I need to wack on an extra coat throughout the day to keep them plumped. Its definitely not a one sweep wonder.

MASCARA TIP.  One thing I must say before I let you get on, please please don’t crazy pump your mascara thinking it makes a difference to the amount on the brush. It will only dry out your product quicker as it pushes loads of air in it, PLUS…it drives me crazy to watch. Haha.

I hope this helps. Enjoy the rest of the sun! Let’s hope we see more of this… I am getting used to it, x

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