Airbrushing – why have it?

So, for a while now I’ve been qualified with airbase to airbrush but I’ve been naughty and not promoted it enough for people to really know I do it.

So I’m going to educate you to help you understand why it would be an option… A delightful one at that.

What is airbrushing?

For those of you who don’t know what airbrushing is, it’s a silicone based makeup that is sprayed onto the skin. Due to its tiny particles it gives a very fine and smooth application making it perfect for high definition tv and film, it can also be amazing for occasion makeup such as weddings.

So why silicone?

Silicone is used in airbase for 4 key reasons –

  • Durability – silicones are known for heat resistance. If it can stand upto the intense heat and light of a studio, imagine how it will last through a wedding day.
  • Natural finish – how can silicone be natural looking I hear you say? Hah. Because the coverage given by silicone only actually needs a light coat. It doesn’t need to be caked on. It can be built up if necessary. Once it’s applied and it settles into the skin it ends up looking lovely and dewy …NOT SWEATY!
  • Easily corrected – because silicones are moveable, the makeup can easily be corrected with a brush… Whereas with water based products, they dry on the skin instantly making them harder to fix.
  • Feels glorious on the skin. Because it’s so lightweight it doesn’t penetrate the skin, it just sits ontop of it and therefore doesn’t clog pores allowing the skin to breath. When products get into the pores, it’s more likely to move as the skin secretes… pushing the makeup out.

AIRBRUSHING IS REAL HYGIENIC. Due to the method of application, therefore is minimal brush usage if any on the face. It reduces the amount of skin touching.

So why airbrushing?

Well, if that don’t tell you all you need to know…? No, seriously, it’s extremely good as it will require minimal touch ups throughout the day and will wear gloriously. On another note (slight tangent) only the most prestigious foundations on the market use a silicone base.

Airbrushing comes in 7 foundation shades, accommodating for all skin types. I can also do concealing and colour correcting with these. It also has bronzer and blush… potentially banishing me faffing around with 100000000 different products. Of course if additional coverage is required I will use something else. It is definitely worth giving a thought if you are a bride to be or have an event that lasts all day!


I had a little play on my sister, the blush, lip colour (minus the clear lipgloss) and face are all airbrush.

Natasha BinnsComment