My eyelash extension experience.

Since baby chops been born… I have loved being around, helping out wherever I can. EVEN when it means changing her hideous nappies (which I strangely don’t mind because she is the happiest when she’s being freshened up). I have just loved it.

So one day I get a text from baby Mumma saying I got a surprise for you. To show how much she appreciated the help, she had booked us in to get eyelash extensions! …What an absolute babe. As you can imagine, I was extremely excited, I’ve always wanted to have them done! Jadey had organised it so that the lash queen came round to hers so we could take in turns holding babe. I was a little nervous as I knew it was one of those things I could get quite addicted to quickly. Was this going to become an expensive habit?


At the beginning, of course you’re aware of them but, I could not believe how comfortable they felt! With fake lashes I automatically feel drowsy an i want to rip them off, but these felt great. You’re not aloud to get your eyes wet for 24hrs to set the glue, which is harder then you can imagine. After that, the rule of thumb is to use oil free makeup products. Wanting to preserve the pristine state of my lashes for as long as possible, I was petrified to do anything with my eyes. Even to touch them… put eyemakeup on (hard when you’re a makeup artist) or, wash my face was nerve racking. It did become slightly frustrating. I don’t think you realise just how much you touch your eyes, but it was all worth it when you felt like you could wake up and look delicious without even doing anything! Having the lashes made you look like you had a slight liner as the lash root was a lot darker.


After a couple of days just one or two dropped out, I think they were obviously little loose ones, but it didn’t make an once of difference. After a couple of weeks, an maybe a couple of bunches shedding, they still didn’t look too shabby but I noticed it. I went back to get just a couple more added because I loved it so much and of course getting used to them I felt bolder and wanted them a little fuller. They charge you a certain amount after two weeks, and then it’s more after three weeks, and then I think it goes back to full price. Of course the prices vary between each beauty therapist, but again I was happy.

After a week or so, as much as I loved them, I decided it was a treatment I just couldn’t justify spending money on. All of a sudden I worried about what happens when they fall out… What will happen when my eyes are bald again… Will I even have any lashes? You can get them taken off professionally, but I thought, not its ok… I will let them drop out.

The last time I had my lashes done was the 24th September. Up until October 13th when I met my friend and she said about how glorious my hugely balding lashes looked… I have managed to keep them looking ok with lashings of mascara… Since then they have slowly deteriorated and have just looked a bit ratty.

Now, on the 26th October, I have decided enough is enough and my 15 or less individual lash strands that I had left just had to go. I definitely feel like I have a couple of bald lashes, but here are the results.

My conclusion is, if you are not worried about the slight short term loss of lashes once they come off, they are an absolute dream to experience. If you’re getting married and going on honeymoon and want stress free face, or… have just had a baby and like to feel glamourous, they are ideal. If you have wicked lashes already, you need to really decide whether you want them enough, as these will thin and shorten your lashes temporarily after they come off. I definitely don’t regret them, I have absolutely loved the hassle free few weeks and the compliments I have gotten, and for the short term loss… I can deal with it!




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