It’s becoming an obsession.

Ok, so I know i’ve touched on one of these already, but I really am obsessed.

These two products are 100% a must have for the summer coming.

One is the mineralize charged water from MAC, i love it so much I have to have it everywhere with me… I freak out if I dont. I love the way it gives a dewy glow and refreshes makeup. If you apply it to the skin before makeup it helps prep your skin as a canvas for makeup. Applying after will replenish the moisture and reset the makeup…And when it’s hot (I know..l live in England, I don’t know what hot means) ha, it feels so fresssh. It is infused with green tea and smells of a delicious citrus scent.

The second, my lip balm love. Lips to me, have to be silky smooth.

EOS – evolution of smooth.

This stuff comes in the most glorious colours and flavours, everyone loves cute packaging and a flavour. Sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, pomegranate raspberry, I mean if that isn’t enough and you need extra requirements, they have lemon drop with an spf 15 and a medicated one that’s tangerine flavour. On a serious note though it’s 95% natural and contains the ever so important vitamin e which is antioxidant rich, shea butter and jojoba oil and for people who have an issue with parabens it’s paraben-free.

So yeah, all in all… A winner to combat dry lips!

Got to love that, and… I may have got a few of my friends obsessed too.

Natasha BinnsComment