As I sit in my front room feeling slightly sorry for myself after last nights antics (yes self inflicted i know) I can’t help but feel that water really is my lifeline. I’ve always known I don’t drink enough. I used to get headaches a lot and dry bloodshot eyes (not sexy when you’re trying to rock a fierce smoky eye)… Open pores, the list can go on.

At the beggining of the year, I was working in MAC White City and I just could not stop starring at one of my fellow workmates glorious skin. Working in retail you really find your skin gets completely drained of all it’s moisture with aircon and not sitting at a desk means not having a constant flow of tea or water. Yet her skin, was just glowing! So, I asked… ‘Whats your secret?’


She had told me that a few months previous she had taken it upon herself to drink 3 litres of water a day and told me the benefits she felt were amazing. That was it… I had to do it. I have really always needed to do it and this was the kick in the butt to make me do it. Now… Going into 3litres was maybe a little extreme, I started it and just felt I was weeing like a racehorse all day. I have found that the average daily water intake for a woman is 2.2 litres and I have since stuck to that, it probably still reaches 3 (tea addict) but the results are amazing.

I feel more awake. No more bloodshot eyes!

I feel less bloated and more full. Less snacking.

My skin! Boom, brighter and my pores have definitely got smaller.

It’s just great.

It it is hard to keep it up, don’t get me wrong… But the way I found it easiest was to buy a litre bottle of volvic and just make sure I fill that up twice. I know it’s the right amount and I don’t have to think about how many cups… Plus it moves around with you so I find when it’s there… You subconsciously drink it!

Boom. Try it.

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